About Milo IT Ltd

Founded by Justin Markham in 1999. We are based in Woking and cover the whole of London and the South East along with some of Thames Valley.

We want clients to be so happy with the solutions and services we provide that they'll use us time after time and tell others about how great we are.

We work in partnership with our clients to understand their unique needs, philosophy and working methods. As a result we consistently deliver the most intelligent IT solutions to meet the client's ever-evolving business demands with a 100% record of delivering on time and to budget.

Why choose Milo IT?

Our clients tell us time and again just how much they enjoy working with us. Here are someĀ of their reasons:

  • Collaboration with clients: highly collaborative agile design process.
  • Partnership: we work together with our clients to provide solutions that solve problems.
  • Experience: from producing a variety of solutions with a range of development tools and technologies.
  • Broad and evolving service offerings: to solve client software development and maintenance issues.
  • Commitment: to the long term development of our employees and the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Proven track record: 100% record of delivering projects on time and within budget.
  • Willingness to offer guaranteed fixed price quotations: clients know what a project is going to cost them and how long it is going to take: guaranteed.