Our Expertise

The Director is an IT Consultant with 12 years experience in developing multi-tiered and Service orientated Solutions. He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions and Application developer. He has delivered many projects through various development methodologies

The main area of expertise is currently in the .net arena including win-forms and in particular in both C# and Languages, along with Python, SQL Server and T-SQL stored procedures.

We continually look to broaden the skill set to keep up to date with latest technologies with a pursuit to develop the most efficient and dynamic solutions on the market for our clients. We can work alone on projects through the full Software Development Lifecycle, or integrate into larger teams and share the Software development life cycle process. We can work in either agile methods, Scrum or straight forward waterfall approach methods.

SQL Server

We have worked with this product since version 6.5 through to the latest version. During our consultancy at Microsoft we were one of the first projects to upgrade to SQL server 2000 back in November 2000. Our expertise is mainly in the implementation side. Index and storage Optimisation, Normalisation and Query plan optimisation. This includes BI technologies such as SSAS, SSIS and SQL Reporting Services.

We also cover DBA areas such as Database Tuning, partitioning, back ups, maintainence plans, Log Shipping and other forms of Disaster recovery plans.


Our expertise covers all areas of .net development. WPF,, AJAX, MVC, Services using WCF and Silverlight. Along with full language coverage of both c# and

Our technique is one of OO development with strong use of common design patterns extending the gang of four patterns such as singletons through to abstract factories and decorators. Please see our external links to references to some of these patterns explained.


We have now succesfully implemented two solutions that use some flavour of python. An Iron python solution that extended the .net framework so that a analysts could enter simple formulas into a web page the results of those formula would then propagate throughout the solution and be reusable. The second solution is a messaging framework purely written in python 2.6 which used a bespoke grid platform also written in Python to xsd validate and process over 50000 messages per minute.


We can also extensively use XML, XSLT, CSS, HTML, DHTML. Our prefered methodology is to extend current available software on the market.